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September 26,2011

Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC

Written by Martin Fried

Jean short shorts, boots and cowboy hats were the dress wear of choice by most of the female concert goers for Brad Paisley’s final show of the H2O II tour Sunday night.  The crowd was ready for a great night of country music and that is what they got.

As I waited to enter the venue, I over heard one concert goer talking to a ticket taker at the VIP entrance, he needed to go to his car to get a dry pair of pants.  After checking out his wet pants and his backside, the ticket taker allowed him to exit and come back in(a usual no no). Now how strange is that?

Country great Blake Shelton, a voice/team coach for the reality TV show ‘The Voice’, warmed the crowd up giving a manly performance roaming the stage and walking out on the thrust to interact with the crowd.  They responded positively to his performance of his songs…





Brad Paisley started his set via video on a life sized screen, only to appear mid-song among the cheering and screaming audience.  Paisley then slowly made his way to the stage while singing his song “Mud on the Tires”. Paisley made his way up to the stage and concluded the song. After strapping on his blue lightning guitar Paisley continued with …. crossing the stage several times, and high fiving fans in the front row.




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